Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moving Office - Office Moving Tips

Moving your office is not the most pleasant experience, but moving your business could even be more stressful. This page presents a number of useful tips to help organise your office move most efficiently.
  1. Preparing For Your Office Move
  2. Who's Involved With the Move
  3. Moving of Different Items
  4. Moving Electrical Equipment
  5. Leaving Items Behind
Preparing For Your Office Move

When moving your business, planning is crucial. The more time you spend moving the more money you loose. The less time you spend moving, the more cost-efficient your move will be for your company.

Scout the new location. Taking measurements of the new rooms can help a lot. This way you will be able to make sure that the furniture from your old office will fit well in the new space.

Before moving to a new location, create and distribute a floor plan for the new location. Mention the location of furniture, plants, and other office items, by floor. This way the employees, movers, and other people involved will be less confused during the move.

Who's Involved With the Move

Appoint one person to organise your business move from the beginning to the end, unless you plan to do it yourself. This person should be responsible for all communications and logistics of the move, from contacting the movers to planning how the move will performed.

Communication is crucial during commercial move. Make sure to notify everyone, including your employees, landlords, movers and renters of every detail of the upcoming move.

To make it easier and more effective you should write short guide for your employees. In that guide describe all the procedures they need to follow during and after the move.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is to label all your furniture and other equipment. For your office move you should plan carefully where to place desks, bookcases, electronic equipment, and other office furniture and appliances at the new location. To make it easier for everyone, especially the movers make sure to mark each piece with colored labels. Colors can represent different floors or different employees. Place the marks on spots that will be easily visible to the movers.

Moving of Different Items

Some tips on how to prepare your office for the move:

Small Items: Make sure to remove all items from bookcases, desks, wall units and shelves, and pack them securely in boxes.

Filing Cabinets: Do not empty the filing cabinets. Just make sure that they are locked or securely fastened with tapes or strings.

Personal Possessions: Make sure to move all personal possessions yourself - legal papers, money, checks, pictures, plants, crystals, and other. Movers will not assume any responsibility for those items. You can however ask them for advice on how to pack those items, or purchase any special containers.

Desks: Empty your desks before the move. Pack all contents in boxes. Loose materials and small items should be sealed in plastic bags or envelopes and then put in boxes with other items.

Security Files: Keep your security files locked during the move. If security regulations require escorts, make special arrangements with your moving company prior to move.

Moving Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment requires special attention when moving:

Computers: Disconnect and dismantle computers properly. Make sure there is an employee that knows how to disassemble and later reassemble the equipment.

Photocopy Machines: Remove all fluids from the photocopy machines.

Vending Machines: Remove all items from the vending machines.

Water Dispensers: Empty water from any water dispensers

Rented Equipment: If you are renting any of your equipment, make sure you notify your rental company before the day of the move.

Leaving items behind

If there are items or pieces of furniture you don't want to take with you, make sure to mark them clearly as "Do not move" items.

Garbage: Eliminate as much as you can before the move day. The more you throw away, the less you have to pack and move with you. If you are throw away excess amount of garbage, get permission from the city to have industrial size dumpsters placed in front of your building.

Make sure, though, that nothing important gets thrown away. Consider donating anything valuable instead of just dumping it. This way you might even get some tax benefits.

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